Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome home Brian!

Hurray!!!  Brian is finally home!
The Marshall Islands were a long way away.  It is so nice to have him home so we can give him lots of hugs and know that he is safe.
Our family is back together again.  We are only missing Mark (we wish you could have been here).  What a great feeling to have everyone home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stay with me!!!

Americans are so starved for history that we even go down into holes in the ground for research. Mayan storage, the guide told us. After being in close quarters together someone made the comment about fatus. Our Spanish guide didn't understand the meaning of the English word. He finally got it. What a hoot!!!

The Grand Plaza at Tikal where the kings were buried. The court yard was unbelieveable.

I hope you endulge me a minute so I can share a little of the history I have learned about the Land we are recognizing as being the possible site of the Book of Mormon. The ruins in Guatemala City as I mentioned earlier dates 600BC to 200BC which for other reasons is considered the City of Nephi. From the information in the Book of Mormon they could see that the Nephites were a part of a high culture. They had a written lauguage. There are places that are written there that date back 1000 years. The Book of Mormon tells about many cities built and the geography matches the discriptions in the book. I find it interesting that the events in the Book of Mormon can match so closely to the geography of the land. The Nephites and the Lamanites had boundaries the Lamaites in the highlands and the Nephites in the valleys. Tital has had a unexpected dicovery of a fortication found around its borders . Moroni's call to defend themseves if you remember. The more I read the more amazed I am.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still more!

Tikal was my personal favorite. Just the height alone was staggering. How did they do it?

My knees shook at the top of # 5 Temple. Not much room at the top!
The first night in Tikal which is in the heart of the jungle we could here a deep breathing sound coming from outside in the dark. The next day we found out it was howling monkeys that were far into the jungle. They live in the tops of the trees and are very loud when you get up close. Steve took close up video with another camera. I will try to post a closer look later.

Monday, March 30, 2009


After seeing the time it takes to polish the small stones these pieces are amazing.

Steve had to find the most functional hat possible. Fashion was not even considered.

Even the parrots were fun to watch. .

Honduras, Copan Ruins were our first view of the larger structures. Even though the roads were

crazy getting there!!

Guatemala cont.

Touring Antigua was interesting. The cities beauty is all behind walls with small doors that lock securely. Dustin found one of the Indian lady weaving the traditional tipika cloths. Amazing the time it takes to weave.Part of the tour was a jade factory. The workers are polishing pieces of Jade for masks and jewelery. Ther were some amazing pieces.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guatemala cont.

The first ruins we were able to visit was right in Guatemala City. Kaminaljuyu , is considered to be the city of Nephi. It is older than Tikal and little has been uncovered. It is right in the city. It was amazing to think we might be seeing and touching a city Lehi and Nephi were a part of.

What an amazing reunion with a family Elder Gilbert loves. We were welcomed to a wonderful dinner following church. Thank you Vickie and Brenda's family for being so kind and thoughtful.

Dustin walked us through his first apartment. The Elders were just walking out and let us in.

Dustin was so good with the kids. He paid 10 kets to shine his old shoes. Antigua was a fun town to visit but the streets were confusing. No street signs. We had to get a taxi to drive us back to the hotel after dinner.

We headed to Copan. Over the boarder into Honduras. The ruins were amazing. We took our lives in our hands driving on the roads. The villa we stayed at was very nice and town was very compact.

We ate at a little place just around the corner from the villa. What a hoot! Just ask Dustin how hard to parrot bit his finger.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A trip of a life time to Guatemala

I hope you will indulge me. Spending 2 weeks in Guatemala creates many pictures and vidoes. I hope you I can share even just a little of the experience with everyone. Here goes!!

We (Steve, Dustin and myself) started our trip in Guatemala City meeting Dave and Ellen . Steve reserved an oasis in the middle of black smoke from the buses and machine guns/shotguns that the guards of most stores had. In the first few days we visited a couple of Dustins families and went to the Temple and found the people to be an oasis in the midst of caos

Our first day, we spent going to the temple, a wonderful experience. Even though Ellen and Dave's recommends were expired. (Sad!!)

Kaminaljuyu was the first ruin we visited. It was inside Guatemala City. It was very small but there are many mounds of dirt not yet worked on. It is very expensive to excavate.